Amurica TX is Austin’s best-loved photo booth trailer. It’s also the weirdest, most unique photobooth you’ll encounter, in part because of the experience it offers and in part because of the story behind how it came to be.

Housed in a converted canned ham trailer and using a wide angle lens, the booth can easily fit you and your 15 closest friends and is stocked with props both weird and wonderful. You won’t find the boring mustaches on a stick here, folks …

Amurica TX was born in late 2016, a sister trailer of the original Amurica photo booth in Memphis. There’s a pretty great story behind how it came to be, involving a kidney donation to a stranger, but you’ll have to ask Alicia in person about that.

So … Where can you have your picture taken tonight? Check our social media to see where we are tonight!

Want pricing info for your wedding or party? Here it is. Have fun, and don’t be a stranger!

****11×14 Wet Plate Collodion Photograph by Matthew Magruder